Squash Start

I was born in Chile and I lived there until I was 13. The first sport I was fully dedicated to was tennis. I trained 6 days a week for 2 hours between the ages of 9-12 and I started learning the sport at age 6. I would also play soccer and "paletas" (beach tennis?) with my family whenever we went to the beach. I played basketball at school and biked a lot with my dad. I think this was very important in my development and my ability to pick up squash at the late age of 18.

I learned how to play squash at The University of Western Ontario- now known as Western University in London, On. I started by joining the squash club with one of the new people I met in my residence. It was a great way to meet new people and it gave me something to work toward- Making it onto the team. (top 6 played at tournaments).

Chile Squash

I play on the Chilean National Squash Team while living in Canada (2013-Present). I get to travel for free! It's not really a vacation but I've learned so much. Things don't always go the way you'd like but I've gotten better and better at competing abroad. I have played at 2 Panamerican Games (Toronto 2015 & Lima 2019). I am looking forward to Santiago 2023!!

PSA Life

I played PSA for a few Years from 2014-2016. I got to travel to different places in Canada (London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto), USA (Wilmington DE, St. Louis, Seattle, Cleveland, Richmond) and Bogotá.

Other SquashLife Fun

I participated in a SquashSkills Camp in Providence, USA. I got to meet Gary Nisbet, Lee Drew, Jethro Binns and Arthur Gaskin (and briefly saw Peter Nicol). Super fun experience on and off the court! in August of 2019

I have also had the opportunity to play at exhibition matches and tournaments. The coolest was in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada in May of 2019.

Coaching Squash

I started becoming a squash coach before I knew it.
It all started with me trying to learn to become better at squash, so I took a level 1 coaching course in Ontario, Canada (around 2012)

I moved to Vancouver where my family was, after finishing University and I started looking for jobs. I was not very successful in finding jobs in my field of Kinesiology since I had no experience.

I ended up coming across an Assistant Squash Pro job and then another one! I began to learn the way clubs worked and about different programming (2013)

I received a job offer in Victoria BC in 2014 at a private boarding school that had a squash program alongside Stuart Dixon and Chris Hanebury.

I am still in Victoria, working as a private contractor at Cedar Hill Squash Club.

I am working toward more coaching certifications and finding my path!

Squash wise, I am working toward another medal at the Santiago 2023 Panam Games.