Weekly Slice/ Email List

When COVID-19 hit in march, I was out from playing squash. In Victoria, the squash community had already gotten hit back in September 2019 when The Victoria Squash Club (VSC) had to close its doors. This meant people were already looking for their next squash home. The next big club in the city, Cedar Hill, with 4 courts had so much interest that a waitlist was formed. The next club with 2 courts was Quadra and a less accessible University which has 5 courts.

I coach at Cedar Hill and I used to coach and play at the VSC, plus I never liked the fact that the clubs seemed to be so segregated from each other and even the members were quite affiliated and unyielding to go to the other clubs. An unfortunate positive outcome of the closing of VSC was that it brought the community a bit closer.

A goal and dream of mine is to see squash become a bigger sport than it is. So for starters, I need to keep the people that already love squash and know the community connected. This was done in drop-ins on Fridays and women’s round robins/drills nights on Thursdays for me since it welcomed all (not just members). So when Clubs closed there were a few emails that went around between some groups of people but apart from that, I felt like the community was struggling on its own.


So I decided to create the Weekly Slice as a way to stay connected with the squash community, not just members of a club or even a specific city. It is a professional-looking email (I hope), that includes videos and links to articles that are currently out on the internet. Sometimes they are fitness related with squash in mind or squash specific such as the grip or a certain shot. I will also include any promotions I am offering such as the SquashDudes shirts I have for sale! (CAD $30) or programs like outdoor SquashFIT that I offered last month and I am offering in August if I get more interest!

Here are some of the latest Issues of the Weekly Slice. I am currently in the process of selecting some of the info and posting in Blog form on my website.

I am always trying to expand my email list so if you want to keep in touch please subscribe!!