Life During COVID-19

I am very lucky to live where I live. Victoria, BC is currently looking spring-like. There is plenty of space outdoors to keep distance from others. People are polite and respectful of the social distancing rules.

I am sad not to be able to play squash and do my private and group lessons. I’m not overly social but I definitely miss the conversations I had with people at the club.

My club is obviously closed so I am racking my brain for things I can do. I have finished my taxes, completed 2 photo albums on Snapfish and ordered them- Anxiously awaiting for them to arrive in two weeks. I have 2 training sessions a week with my Chile Squash team via Zoom which I really enjoy. I’m actually feeling like part of the team by getting to train with them.

I have been doing some yoga from youtube videos (“yoga with Adriene” is great!).

I did ghosting in my parking garage one time and it was pretty good 🙂 need to do that again

Found a wall outside the building’s garage door where I did solo volleys, short drives and corner volleys! Makes me wish I had a house and walls where I didn’t have to worry about neighbours and knocking stuff over…

I started teaching my wife Spanish and in the process I’m having to review stuff i learned in school about grammar and basics of Spanish…who knew I would need to remember all those things… ?

I have been drinking more coffee- and trying to make lattè coffee art and failing miserably…

I’ve been cooking with my family more! baking, bbqing, drinking, playing games! more than before ?

I have been working on my website…which is coming along.

I have been trying to get others around me to be more active! Nike Training Club app is boss!

I will be posting and emailing people more! so stay tuned!

Message me for zoom or facetime lessons or training or chatting!