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My Story: Short-ish Version

How I Started playing and Why I love Squash!

I started playing Squash in University but I did play other racquet sports before. I chose my University based on having the option to play racquet sports in a club or varsity team.

I chose Western in London, Ontario because they had varsity and clubs for squash, tennis, and badminton. I tried the Squash Club with a first year residence friend first. We met a lot of new people and it was a great place to start.

I had never seen people playing squash at a high level or even properly and I was amazed at how easy they made it seem and how graceful it looked!
I was motivated to look like that one day on the court!

What I loved the most was the thrill of chasing the ball and having a good long rally with someone!

I didn't even notice I was also burning a lot of calories and making new friends!

Fastforward to 13 years later and it is my career and my passion! I'm on the Chilean National team and have been to 2 Panamerican games and I have a bronze medal in women's doubles!

Who would have thought?!


"I had squash classes with Giselle last year and I loved it. Giselle is very knowledgeable, attentive and patient. I would definitely recommend her classes. She is an awesome teacher!"
Camila Muniz

"Giselle coaches my daughter, Bridget (14y/o).  Even while operating under the Covid cloud, Giselle has managed to keep Bridget engaged, interested and motivated in the game of squash.  Her knowledge and experience is one of the many assets Giselle brings to her coaching role."
Mary Brookes

"Giselle provides effective and encouraging lessons.  She is adept at recognizing the capabilities and limitations of the player-student, and tailors her instruction accordingly.  She is also personable and a pleasure to associate with."
Michael Hutchison

"I’ve been getting weekly lessons from Giselle for about six months now and I’m really seeing a big (positive) change in my game! I appreciate Giselle’s knowledge of the game and especially her patience—even when she has to repeat herself over and over! Giselle’s lessons are fun and I’m always exhausted by the end"
Kelly Fells

"Highly recommend Giselle as a squash coach. I’m an intermediate player and my game has benefited tremendously from my regular lessons with Giselle. She has a keen ability to spot areas of weakness and provides clear instructions for how to make improvements. She always has a positive attitude and keeps the lessons fast-paced and fun. If you want to improve as a squash player, it is worthwhile to invest in some time on court with Giselle"
Mark F

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